Black Friday Tale


Historically, Black Friday has been linked to the economic crisis and financial situation in America in 1869, when two money-holders tried to confine the country’s gold market to the New York Gold Exchange by buying as much precious metal as possible, with the intention of raising prices to a record high, but president Ulysses Grant’s intervention caused their plan to collapse, and the stock market collapsed immediately, bankrupting thousands of Americans.

Then the case of buying and selling stopped and there was inactivity of goods, the state announced major reductions in goods and products, so this tradition continued and the supermarkets became open early in the morning and people stand in long lines until the scheduled opening of markets, and people accept websites to take advantage of offers of discounts ranging from 20% to 90%, and continue for one day to return prices after it as before.

The origin of the label:

Black Friday is sometimes called white Friday in the Arab world,

 It is the day that comes immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States and is usually at the end of November each year, and this day is the beginning of the Christmas gift buying season.

On this day, most stores offer large offers and discounts, opening early for up to 4 a.m. because of the big discounts and because most Christmas gifts are bought that day,

Large numbers of consumers gather early Friday outside supermarkets waiting to open.

At the opening, the crowd begins to jump and run, each wishing to receive the largest share of the reduced goods.

On Black Friday, some internet stores like Amazon are also doing offers.

 On that day, the site offers discounts on many products, and in addition makes a very special offer on a particular product that changes every hour.

The most popular sites that adopt Black Friday discounts:

One of the most popular sites adopting Black Friday discounts is Amazon’s online shopping store, which receives orders from around the world for its significant discounts that day. In addition to large American stores Walmart, Bestbuy and Target. Major British stores such as John Lewis, and Argos.

Black Friday date in 2021:

It coincides with the day after Thanksgiving and the approval for the last Friday of November.

Black Friday will happen this year on November 26, 2021.

People will be able to take advantage of these offers and discounts and buy various goods and goods from electrical appliances, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, carpets, household items, home furniture and more…..

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