Learn German Software – Which of These 3 German Software Packages Should You Learn German With?


Learn German Software – Which of These 3 German Software Packages Should You Learn German With? So if you’re anything like me, you’ve scoured the Internet in the source to find the best software to learn German with, taking into account your budget, learning style, and time to learn. Well, rest your click finger because I’ll review what has been in my experience to be the best German software courses out there.

Tell Me More German

Tell Me More German is a software package from Auralog, which makes a range of other language learning programs. The German course has a lot of content to it, which sounds good but how it’s laid out could be confusing to beginners. In fact, this is a course best done if you have a reasonable amount of German knowledge to start with, say about 300 words. Overall if you have a little bit of experience with German then go with Tell Me More, beginners should start with something else or they will get discouraged.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is probably the language learning company you’re most familiar with, having celebrity endorsements does that I guess:) Anyway, Rosetta Stone uses the word/picture association game, having an image and then a corresponding word appears with it, trying to simulate how we all learned our first language. That may or may not be the right approach to you, personally, I found it a little slow (they are trying to simulate how babies learn, which is to say…slowly). Rosetta Stone is also a little on the expensive side, at $500.

Rocket German

Rocket German is a new course that focuses on being as beginner-friendly and fun as possible to the German newbie (probably most of you, right?), it has a few software games as well as an audio component to it. Beginners will get the largest benefit as it’s fun and easily the most affordable option at just under $100. The only issue here isn’t quite as much content as Tell Me More, at about 40 hours worth. Still, if you’re a beginner you’re better off with Rocket German as the odds of you sticking with learning German will be much higher if you study something fun and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts and Resources

Any of these learn German software courses are great, and if you really study them then they will help you become fluent. My recommendations: Tell Me More for a more advanced German speaker only, beginners will simply get discouraged and give up if they try to use it. Rocket German for beginners for its ease of use, fun, and good value. Here’s a little tip: if you go through this Rocket German reseller [http://www.rocketlinguist.com/rocket-german.html] you can get Rocket German plus some extra free stuff that will help you learn German more easily.

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