How To Sell $20,000 Per Month on eBay selling at Wholesale Prices

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First of all let me tell you selling on eBay is easy, but it takes time or money.  eBay has fees that you have to pay and if you want to grow quickly you will spend a lot on fees while you are learning.

My wife had an eBay business and she was a Gold Power Seller selling more than $20,000 per month.  She sold mostly watches, lots and lots of watches.  She sold them wholesale, by the dozen or by the case, 30 to 60 at a time.  They were inexpensive watches; we paid from $2.50 to $4.00 for each one and sold them from $3.50 to $12.00 depending on the quantity purchased.

All of the techniques and suppliers we used are included in my eBook or in my exclusive newsletters you get as a free bonus when you buy my eBook.

When selling on eBay there are several tricks.  Let me tell you the 3 tricks I think are the most important.

Trick #1: Build your reviews.  Your reviews are your lifeline on eBay.  You need to build your reviews so people trust you and want to do business with you.  If they don’t trust you, you won’t sell anything on eBay.  When you start you will have to offer good deals, free shipping or great communication.  I always encouraged people to call me on the phone and ask questions by posting my phone in every listing.  I didn’t get a lot of calls but I did get a lot of reviews.

Trick #2: Make big margins.  You need those margins.  You can’t buy something for $10 and sell it at $12, not even at $15.  The listing fees alone will eat you.  Remember, you have to pay a listing fee, you have to pay a fee if you sell the product and on top of that you pay PayPal when you collect the money.  You could easily pay up to 10% or more of your selling price. This could be your entire profit.  If you use any special listings to showcase your product you could be looking at $20 extra per listing category.  So again, don’t try to make it on volume, try to make it on big margins.  The best things to sell are either unique items or collectibles, name brand items that people are looking for like iPods, or hard to find items or imports.

Trick #3: Make more money on shipping.  When my wife sold on eBay about 80% of our profit was made from shipping charges.  We kept our product prices low so they attract the buyer and charged a bit more on shipping.  People understood and they always got a great deal.  For us it was a no brainer.  eBay does not charge you any fees on your shipping charges, just on the selling prices.

The funny thing is we only sold wholesale on eBay.  And it seemed we were the only ones really selling wholesale.  Most people selling at “wholesale prices” were selling at about 3 times what we could get any of their items.

Many of our customers had eBay stores, others had convenience stores or gift stores, many of them had other businesses and wanted giveaways for their customers.

This is only a small example of what you can do with Wholesale Distribution.  And believe me, it’s not the most profitable one or the easiest to start.  In my eBook you will find cheaper, faster ways of getting started in wholesale distribution and make even more money than what I made on eBay.  I made much more from my other wholesale distribution businesses than what I made on eBay and I worked less too.

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